Sunday, October 4, 2009

Do I sound like a broken record?

Change of plans... sound familiar?

So here's the scoop: At my magnificent waitressing job, I met this couple: The Alfonds. These two knew a dude teaching his second year at a school called MoonKkang in Daegu, South Korea. They gave me his e-mail, he gave me some info... Jaime and I applied to MoonKkang and had an interview with them the following week. (This was last week)

Side note: We finally got an interview with the other recruiting agency as well and were going to be placed in Suwon. I would have been teaching Korean students ages 5-7.... ME. If you don't know me... I'm afraid of small children. They're adorable to look at most of the time and ocasionally I can have a "cute" conversation with one about what their favorite color is... but not only would we be teaching them English, but music and dance classes are in the curriculum... yes the schools put on musicals. With 5-7 year olds. ME?! NO. WAY.

So I was really hoping to hear from MoonKkang.... and thank goodness we did!

Here's the catch: Jaime and I will be about 2 hours away from each other. And I'll also be leaving a month before her... and as nervous as both of us are... I think this will be an amazing experience and I'm very confident that we will be taken care of quite well with the schools we'll be at.

So, the plan is that I start at MoonKkang on November 30th in Busan, and Jaime will be starting December 18th in Daegu. We will both be in these beautiful cities, finally putting our four years of college to use! I'm so ready to start teaching! I'm doing my best to research the area I'll be in, and I'm trying to make a few contacts who will be going near the same time (or some who may already be there!) I was told that I'll be a 25 minute walk from HaeUndae Beach (see photo) which is suppose to be the big tourist attraction... and quite breathtaking. I'm SO looking forward to long runs on the beach!!!

I'll be posting more details as they come! <3