Wednesday, September 16, 2009

At Last!

So last night I got a call from my recruiter, I was suppose to have an interview with Wales School in Daegu (also spelled Taegu) South Korea. So I sat on my bed tonight waiting patiently for 9pm to roll around.... I ended up taking a nap and waking up around 9:45... no call. I check my e-mail and my recruiter sent yet another message saying that the interview has been postponed until Monday.

I'm trying to be patient... but my wonderful job at Wings Hill Inn is ending soon, and I need a job. I've been planning on that job being in South Korea... and I'm willing to pick my life up and move it to the other side of the world... but no one is making it easy to do so. So... at least I have an interview to look forward to... and at least I know where I'm going to be. I'm quite excited that I'll be close to Busan (I've heard you can take a ferry from Busan to Japan! --- and I do have some paid vacation time that would be wonderful to do some traveling with!) But until I leave, I'll be kickin' it in Temple, Maine for a bit more. Come visit... I'm bored.